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vMg Homeroom

Math and Geometry Tools
Online Class

What is it?

Get weekly notes, practice quizzes, and cheat sheets for every topic you take in your math class. 
Buy a vMg Homeroom subscription and have instant access to my google classroom where I will share weekly practice sheets, quizzes, and tips for you to use in conjunction with your math class. 
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Cheat Sheets

Access these cheat sheets on your laptop or cell phone using the "Google Classroom" app. 

Soon you'll see just how helpful this will be!

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Take advantage of the quizzes posted. Make sure you're prepared for that test by carefully reviewing the material. Wanna know the best part? You don't get graded on it!

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The vMg Homeroom will be updated with weekly materials for you to review.


Need more practice on quadratics? Download the multiple worksheets on file. Need a quick review on linear equations? Find the linear equations cheat sheet! Need to test your skills on angles?  Take a multiple choice quiz!


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