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Practice Your Math

And Have Fun

Greetings from the Math Lookout Tower! I'm so happy you're here to experience what is known as SOH CAH TOA Park. Here, there is no better way to improve your math skills than practice.

My resource books are meant to help you explore concepts around the park and improve your the math survival skills needed to be a successful math explorer. 


Find the areas you are currently covering and see what resources are available.

Happy Trails!

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  • "Math-A-Day" is a book of 365 Challenging Math Problems for you to complete 1 a day, for a full year.

  • "Book of 1000 Derivatives" takes you to Mt Calculus and will have you exploring a variety of derivatives to keep you on tangent. 

  • "Book of Anti Derivatives" leaves you lost in the Integral Meadows, wishing you went back to derivatives. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 3.40.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.51.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 3.31.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.50.52 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 10.04.35 AM.png
  • There are a ton of #MathSurvivalSkills needed to navigate your math path. These workbooks are meant to strengthen those skills!

  • Find the areas you need the most help in and get exploring!

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