Improving Math Survival Skills


Greetings from the Math Lookout Tower! I'm so happy you're here to experience what is known as SOH CAH TOA Park. Here, there is no better way to improve your math skills than practice.

My resource books are meant to help you explore concepts around the park and improve your the math survival skills needed to be a successful math explorer. 


Find the areas you are currently covering and see what resources are available.

Happy Trails!


The complete tour of SOH CAH TOA Park and best way to practice your Math Survival Skills! 

These workbooks focus on specific topics covered in class that I believe to be fundamental in improving your math abilities. 

From Fractions to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, these workbooks are guaranteed to help build a solid foundation of math. 

The Numbers Trail

Hikers entering the Number Trails will find basic arithmetic adventures like counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. 

Through stories, coloring books, and interactive audio tours, visitors will join Sam, Joe, River and Slope and their math hikes around the park. 

If your child is in elementary school, this is the perfect trail for them. 

Pre-Algebra Trailhead

For the more experienced hiker, but still trying to learn the ropes. The Pre Algebra trailhead takes you to the beginning portion of the park where visitors will explore fractions, decimals, proportions, inequalities, and intro to solving equations. 

If your child is in Grades 5-8, this trail is calling their name.

Geometry Meadows

Circles, Triangle, and 3-D shapes. The Geometry Meadows is all about area, perimeter, and volume. 

Visitors are introduced to right triangle geometry through the pythagorean theorem and SOH CAH TOA relationships. 

Students currently taking geometry, algebra 2, precalculus, and calculus are encouraged to visit here. 


365 challenging math problems to get you through the year. Exercise your brain by attempting one math problem a day for a whole year. Whether you understand how to solve it or not, the action of trying to work out the solution is the best part. Have a fantastic math year!