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Book Solutions


Why doesn’t my book come with solutions? 


From experience, including an answer key + solution guide will cause a student to do a few things:


  1. Instantly flip to the answer the moment they are feeling stuck. 

  2. Accidentally glance at future solutions and be given an idea on methods they otherwise would not have used on their own. 

  3. Eliminates the room for discussion with others. 


Instead, I have done two things:


  1. Want the straight-forward answer? I have provided an answer key below.

  2. Want to discuss your solution with others, including myself? I’ve opened a public forum to discuss each problem on my app. 


Solve each problem YOUR way. Use a calculator, an online tool, research some formulas, or simply show every piece of work you imagine. The entire book is your journey - go at it your own way, at your own pace. 



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