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 Midpoint Formula

This program takes the x and y values of two points and will give you the midpoint. 


1) Press PRGM and choose "NEW", "Create New" and name it whatever you'd like. Press ENTER


2) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 8, ENTER

3) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 3, ENTER

4) Type: "(A, B) (C, D)", ENTER

5) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 1, ENTER

6) Type: "A=",A ENTER

7) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 1, ENTER

8) Type: "B=", B ENTER

9) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 1, ENTER

10) Type: "C=",C ENTER

11) PRGM, choose "I/O", press 1, ENTER

12) Type: "D=",D ENTER


13) Type: ((A+C)/2) STO> X, ENTER **The STO> key is on the bottom left**

14) Type: ((B+D)/2) STO> Y, ENTER

15) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 8, ENTER

16) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 6, type: 1, 1, "MIDPOINT (X,Y)") ENTER

17) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 6, type: 2, 1, "X=") ENTER


18) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 6, type: 2, 3, X) ENTER

19) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 6, type: 3, 1, "Y=") ENTER

20) PGRM, choose "I/O", press 6, type: 3, 3, Y) ENTER

21) 2ND, MODE


That's it! Now to use this equations remember to press PRGM and choose the name you chose for your program and press ENTER. Voila!