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is Open for summer!
June 14-August 15


Ahhh Summer! The flowers and sun's out, time for much needed hikes, but most importantly it is a perfect time to perfect our #MathSurvivalSKills.


Let's catch up and strengthen those skills to be prepared for our math trek next school year. Join me at Camp SOH CAH TOA and explore your favorite land. No judgement - they're all beautiful! 

What's Going On?

Here's how you can visit Camp SOH CAH TOA 

  • Weekly Private Individual/Group Workshops via Zoom

  • Self-Paced Online Workshops

  • Lives on TikTok

The Workshops

Depending on the land each workshop will include:

*All Courses will available starting June 15*

  • Workbooks for each lesson

  • 10 1-hour weekly classes (private, group, or self-paced)

Workshop Details:

Math Survival Skills.png


Here's the breakdown:

  • Individual Workshop: $65 per session +  $60-90 for materials

  • Group Workshop:

    • 2 participants: $37 per session

    • 3 participants: $32 per session

    • 4 participants: $27 per session

      • Each participant $60-90 for materials

  • Self Paced Online Workshop: $199

More Info:

Booking a private or group workshop requires a few steps. I want you to have the best time slot that is convenient to all students and gather all emails/addresses to fully register for this workshop before I provide all links needed! 

For Private 1-1 and Group Sessions
What availability to do you prefer?

Thanks for registering!! I will contact you immediately!

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